62 Vermont towns participate in statewide home energy challenge

In an effort to promote statewide adoption of energy-efficient technologies, Efficiency Vermont has announced a year-long challenge in partnership with the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network and other organizations throughout the state. 

According to its website, Efficiency Vermont provides technical assistance, rebates and other incentives to help households and businesses throughout the state to reduce their energy costs. The 62 towns participating in the 2013 Vermont Home Energy Challenge are encouraged to weatherize 3 percent of the residences in their community over the duration of a year and will be given opportunities to measure progress along the way. 

Local news source the Brattleboro Informer reports that, according to Efficiency Vermont, success in achieving this goal could lead to savings of more than $2 million in annual energy costs across the state. That’s enough energy to heat 400 homes for an entire year. 

Paul Cameron, director of Brattleboro Climate Protection and regional coordinator for the Challenge, told the source that homeowners can reduce their energy costs by 20 to 30 percent by making energy-efficient upgrades. Energy Vermont plans to work with participating towns by providing them with innovative ways to support their efforts. 

“The Challenge is all about neighbors helping neighbors reduce their home heating bills while making their homes more comfortable”, Cameron said, adding that this is a great opportunity for Vermont residents to save some money, reduce their carbon footprint and support the local economy. 

It’s great to see these kinds of efforts in place, as they show that individuals and organizations understand the benefits of sustainable technology. If you’re interested in upgrading to an energy-efficient home, contact a home inspection contractor. They’ll perform an energy audit and help you determine where to get started.