Top 3 myths about lead paint

Everyone has heard at least occasionally about the dangers of lead paint and how it can cause lead poisoning, but there is still a lot of misinformation surrounding the topic. Many people don't think lead paint is an issue anymore, or that they are not personally at risk for lead poisoning. Here are some of the top myths about lead paint, debunked:

  • Houses don't have lead paint anymore because it's illegal. It's true that it's now illegal to use lead paint in new construction, and there are some laws requiring lead remediation for rental properties, but many homes built before 1978 still have lead paint layers somewhere in the home. For example, many municipalities don't have rules governing acceptable lead levels on porches, making them a lead hazard for children and elderly people.
  • I should deal with lead paint myself. Lead paint removal is a complicated process that needs to be handled by a lead-certified contractor to avoid increased risk of poisoning from the spread of paint chips and dust. Certified professionals are better equipped to deal with the necessary containment procedures during the removal process.
  • Lead paint won't affect me because I'm a healthy adult. Lead poisoning effects are more extreme in children and the elderly, but ingesting lead paint can still have debilitating effects even on people in the prime of their lives. Lead poisoning in adults can lead to reproductive issues like low sperm count and even miscarriage.

If your home was built before 1978, you may be at risk for lead exposure from remaining lead paint. Contact Alban Inspections to schedule a lead inspection for your property today. Our certified home inspectors will test your home for lead and help you create a strategy for lead abatement.