There is a growing opposition to renewable energy

The more conservative members of the right are increasing their opposition to sources of renewable energy. The solar industry accounts for less than 1 percent of electricity across the entire United States, but the recent dramatic growth has come with considerable pushback. It has been almost entirely from right-wing groups who do not like even the concept of any government regulation and believe that the continued rise of industries like solar power will prove too damaging to other utilities in the future.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has recently set its sights on halting the renewable energy market in the state of Colorado. In 2014, they intend to introduce legislation that will weaken state energy regulations and strip the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of its powers of oversight. They will specifically target the EPA's current ability to shut down any oil or gas facilities. ALEC is firmly opposed to any action taken by the government regulator, and is strongly against the EPA's proposed greenhouse gas emissions standards and its plans to oversee greenhouse gas emissions under the long-standing Clean Air Act of 1963.

But Colorado is just ALEC's latest stop on their tour. In the first seven months of 2013, the group helped to get almost 80 anti-environment bills introduced in 34 statehouses across the country. The group aims to protect consumers from higher electricity rates they believe will come with the new technology that is being introduced. They take special issue with homeowners who have installed solar panels in their own homes who are compensated for providing surplus electricity into the power grid. Such actions, they say, encourage others to freeload.

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