A new breakthrough in solar energy efficiency

An international research team based at North Carolina State University have come up with a new way to increase the energy efficiency of organic solar cells, which are important devices that provide clean electricity to thousands across the country. The new technology will make photovoltaic panels more efficient by over 30 percent. Experts have said that this latest development will lead to lower energy costs for individuals and a much bigger market, and can help boost this relatively new industry. This is good news for companies that exist to package and install solar systems, such as SolarCity, and will help them avoid any downward global pricing trends that threaten other industries.

While organic solar cells are still less efficient than silicon, the new developments open up the possibilities for a broad range of ways they can be used, as well as the lowered manufacturing costs. The key in the work was the creation of a new polymer, which can be used in place of fluorine to provide the backbone of the solar panels. The synthesized polymer has the same make-up of the fluorine, but costs much less to produce and use.

Solar cells that cost less will lead to major savings for energy companies. Because these cells account for half of the total cost of a completely installed solar power system, a major drop in pricing will yield significant results, saving both the company and consumer money. This will also allow companies like SolarCity and other solar panel packagers to offer their systems at competitive market prices, which can help get conventional – and often environment harming – fuels out of the industry.

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