The economic benefits of energy efficiency

Despite some politicizing of the issue, most Americans can agree on the importance of energy efficiency in the United States. For starters, the environmental implications of going green ensure that the country's carbon emissions – which contribute significantly to climate change and rising sea levels – could be greatly reduced with minimal effort on the part of homeowners and businesses.

But sustainability is more than just an environmental issue, as new studies every day reveal additional economic benefits of living a more efficient lifestyle. A new report from the Rhodium Group and United Technologies, titled Unlocking American Efficiency: The Economic and Commercial Power of Investing in Energy Efficient Buildings, concludes that energy efficiency is, if nothing else, a simply good business decision.

According to Triple Pundit, a sustainable business news outlet, the Rhodium report reveals that working to increase energy efficiency by 30 percent within buildings across the United States would establish a $275 billion market for eco-friendly technologies, construction and engineering services. In other words, not only do efforts to reduce energy consumption save money, but they also create jobs.

Another reason why going green is good for business is that energy is simply becoming too expensive to waste. The source reports that companies across the world now pay over double the cost for power than they did 10 years ago. And the costs are set to grow only higher, with the International Energy Agency projecting that energy prices will spike by another 17 percent over the next 20 years.

Energy efficient homes and buildings not only yield long-term savings but are also the most sensible and affordable lifestyles.

Maryland residents are encouraged to make an appointment for a home inspection and meet with Maryland home inspectors to learn how efficient their property is, and what can be done to increase efficiency and decrease utility bills.