Study: Americans in general are making great strides in energy efficiency

A new study has shown that Americans across the board have made significant and consistent improvements towards energy efficiency, and are poised for even more growth in this area in the near future.

Published on June 11, the study was conducted by the Rexel Foundation, an energy-focused initiative launched by Rexel Holdings USA. Its findings show that, over the last five years, 75 percent of US consumers have made home energy efficiency improvements, putting the United States ahead of countries like France (70 percent) and the United Kingdom (68 percent). The study also found that 70 percent of consumers plan on making these types of improvements to their houses in the near future. An overwhelming 93 percent of the sampled group revealed that they are convinced investing into products designed to make their home more eco-friendly will reduce their utility costs.

Despite the progress being made on this front, the study revealed that there are still significant drawbacks that continue to prevent Americans from making home improvements to further go green. Chief among these concerns is the upfront cost required in moving towards energy efficiency, an issue that for 59 percent of those surveyed trumps the realization that reducing power consumption would end up saving homeowners more money in the long run. 

"The Rexel Foundation's energy efficiency survey highlights that, as a country, we are ready to make meaningful improvements to our homes and lifestyles," remarked CEO Chris Hartmann in a press release. "By raising awareness of the benefits, providing a simplified product offering and advising consumers on the right solutions for them, we can ease the financial obstacles cited in this study and make progress in energy efficiency."

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