Stamford partners with CEFIA to make energy efficiency improvements

On Wednesday, June 5, Stamford, Connecticut, Mayor Michael Pavia announced that the city government was partnering with a state agency, the Clean Energy Finance Investment Authority (CEFIA), to work towards energy efficiency improvements, aimed particularly at the city's older buildings.

Mayor Pavia held a press conference at the Stamford Government Center, along with representatives from CEFIA and the Business Council of Fairfield County, to discuss the details and reasoning behind the partnership.

"We are the second largest consumer of electricity in New England, second only to Boston," Pavia told the press. "Connecticut has some [of] the highest energy costs in the country. As mayor, one of my major initiatives has been to continue to track and help business grow."

CEFIA was established by the Connecticut General Assembly two years ago to foster the growth of energy efficient programs. According to The Stamford Times, there is approximately 54 million square feet of office, industrial or residential space in the city that dates back 40 years and could benefit financially from upgrades to now-outdated utilities. To serve this need, CEFIA launched its Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program to identify and work towards improving energy concerns in older buildings statewide.

"C-PACE removes the biggest obstacles building owners face when considering energy improvements – the upfront cost," said CEFIA president and CEO Bryan Garcia. "C-PACE allows building owners in Stamford and across the state to access cleaner, cheaper and more reliable sources of energy."

As part of its new partnership with the city, CEFIA announced at the press event a $20 million financing model that would provide funding and upfront construction costs for C-PACE projects.

This is not an issue exclusive to New England cities though. For Maryland residents interested in reducing their own utility costs or looking to improve home energy efficiency, you can consult with home inspection contractors for more information.