Staging strategies: Kitchens [Video]

Hello again! Welcome to the third installment of Staging Strategies. Today, we’re talking staging tips for the kitchen.

Most house hunters focus on cabinets as they tour the kitchen. If you’re working with immaculate cabinetry, this is great. However, chances are your cabinets are thoroughly worn after years of use. Luckily, there’s a simple, cost-effective alternative to replacing them. Contact your cabinet manufacturer and order new door and drawer fronts. This will make your kitchen storage look new and impress potential buyers.

After you’ve switched out your cabinet fronts and done some kitchen cleaning, spotlight the space with new lighting. If you want to get ambitious, introduce some more fixtures. Of course, you could go the cheaper route by replacing your current bulbs with brighter models. Interior designers normally advise homeowners to provide 100-watts per 50-square-foot section.

Thanks for watching! Stop by later for the fourth and final installment of Staging Strategies.