Staging strategies: Bedrooms and bathrooms [Video]

Hi! Welcome to the fourth and final installment of Staging Strategies. Today, we’re going to close out this video series with some staging guidelines for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Many real estate agents find that homebuyers are most attracted to contemporary furniture featuring clean lines and simple color schemes. With this in mind, reevaluate the pieces in your bedroom and replace overly ornate or traditional furnishings with more modern alternatives. Additionally, be sure to thoroughly clean your bedroom closets. For most buyers, bad bedroom storage is a deal-breaker.

When it comes to bathrooms, cleaning is the key. Scrub and scour every surface. Once you’ve performed your deep clean, check for more serious issues. Often, sellers call in professionals to paint and polish well-worn tile. To finish off your bathroom transformation, hang some fresh towels.

Thanks for watching the final installment of Staging Strategies! Check back later for more videos.