Solar-energy home for sale in Northern Virginia

A new home has hit the market in Northern Virginia that is set to be one of the states most energy-efficient properties once occupied, utilizing the latest advances in solar panel technology.

The home is located in the Sunny View neighborhood of Mount Vernon and was constructed through a collaboration with Daffan Builders and First Home Realty, two local companies that specialize in green structures.

The property is Platinum Earthcraft Certified, a designation given to houses that are inspected by the Earthcraft Organization, which grades homes based upon how friendly a residence is to the environment and its impact on global climate change.

Along with the Earthcraft endorsement, this home also received a rating of 38 from the Residential Energy Services Network. The average existing home gets a rating of 100, with lower numbers signifying significant energy savings.

The home uses solar technology to not only provide power but heat and hot water. On the roof is a 2.5 kilowatt photoelectric system that produces electricity and solar-heated tubing for water transport that controls temperature.

Builders made the pad extremely well-insulated using environmentally friendly materials. Aside from the solar panels on the roof, the house looks no different than other homes in the area, as many of the energy-efficient technologies are hidden within the residence's walls.

For Virginia residents looking to make green adjustments to their properties, contact a home inspections contractor to conduct an energy audit to detail were adjustments can be made