Holiday-themed information sessions inform homeowners on energy efficiency

As Halloween approaches, so too do colder nights and an increase in home energy consumption. To keep with the festive spirit, and in response to a projected drop in the temperature over the coming weeks, Cambridge College in Massachusetts is hosting the "Fighting Energy Vampires" event for children and families at their main campus.

The event partners the school with a host of local partners to teach people about ways to be energy conservative in all aspects of their everyday life. This includes learning about making upgrades to the home, as well as shifting driving habits to conform to the inclement weather.

This session will be the first of three scheduled to take place as fall turns into winter, with the subsequent meetings set for November and December. Each one is expected to have a holiday theme and address different issues that can be combated in an affordable and realistic way for homeowners.

"Next Step Living is thrilled to be working with forward-thinking organizations like Cambridge College, Cambridge Energy Alliance and {gasoline antifreeze maker} HEET to help local residents fight back against higher energy costs," said Travis Estes, Director of Community Programs for Next Step Living, in a press release.

The event will also include a raffle that will give those in attendance the opportunity to win new environmentally friendly products from local companies and sponsors.

For homeowners who won't be able to make it to such an information session, there are other steps they can take to learn about making their house greener come winter. An energy audit from a home inspection contractor can highlight sources of waste in the home and how residents can cut down on their consumption.