Professional home inspection recommended over do-it-yourself job

Homeowners generally hire a home inspection professional when they suspect a defect with their home, they want to institute green improvements that will produce energy-efficient homes or they plan to purchase a property. While it may be appealing to some homeowners trying to save some money, the long-term problems not discovered in a home inspection will likely cost much more than the cost of an inspection.

Responding to a reader's assertion that a home inspection by her husband would adequately replace an inspection by a qualified inspector, industry expert Barry Stone wrote in The Daily Herald of Chicago that do-it-yourself inspections are unlikely to unearth all the problems that could be contained within a property.

"There is simply no way an average homebuyer can discover the defects that would be apparent to a well-seasoned home inspector," Stone writes for the news source. "If your husband does the inspection, undiscovered defects will be inevitable."

When homeowners are conducting initial research involving these services, they should try to find a service that has many years of experience looking at homes. These Washington, D.C. inspectors can rely on memories of problems they've previously witnessed in homes, which could alert them to future problems as they conduct an assessment.

Some problems found in a home can be quite complex, so home inspectors should be clear in how they explain explain potential issues to homeowners. An inspector's job is not to alarm the homeowner, but instead to inform them and lay out possible solutions.

As far as inspection reports go, home inspection services should produce articulate reports complete with photographs of parts of the home they have inspected. They must also lay out complete strategies for fixing issues with the home, including alternatives and expected costs.

Homeowners should thoroughly research whether inspection services engage in these practices before hiring a home inspection professional.