Preparing your home for an energy audit

Choosing to have an energy audit performed on your home is a commendable and significant step toward enhancing the energy consumption of your house, resulting in both significant savings and a grateful environment. Nevertheless, as it is often the case with new experiences, having your home audited can be anxiety-inducing, because a stranger will be looking throughout many of the nooks and tight spaces in your house to create an accurate assessment of your home's performance. There are several steps you can take to make this process a smooth experience for both you and the inspector. 

Here are two suggestions:

Attend to minor details: Have your most recent utility bills close by as well as the dimensions of your home, along with any areas you suspect may be causing your house to be wasting energy. Also, all of your windows should be closed and you should prepare to have all of your major appliances, like internet and television, deactivated for a time during the audit. The auditor will also shut down your boiler before beginning.

List thoughtful questions: Before you hire an inspector, it's important that you feel comfortable with your preliminary research to ensure that you're not wasting your money and may need a new inspector to audit the house again six months later. Certain factors to consider before agreeing to work with an auditor include asking how long he or she has been in the industry and if there are any successful referrals for you to review. Also ask if the auditor, or his or her firm, has a BBB accreditation rating and confirm what  your final documentation will include.

To learn more about how much energy your home is consuming and what improvements can be made, schedule an energy audit with industry-leader Alban Inspections if you live in the Virginia or Washington, D.C. area.