Post-tornado reconstruction sees boom in energy efficient homes

Two years ago, a record tornado outbreak wreaked havoc throughout Western Massachusetts, tearing through homes and businesses, ultimately leaving three people dead. Now, rebuilding in towns like Springfield has helped residents to sweep away the debris and either fix or replace damaged structures. Part of this reconstruction has included an abundance of new opportunities to help maximize energy efficiency in the region.

According to local news outlet Mass Live, following the devastating storm the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources partnered with the Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECO) to offer incentives for affected homeowners to rebuild their properties as energy efficient homes. The public campaign appealed to residents by offering $9 million in no-interest loans and grants – with tens of thousands of dollars appropriated to each one – to implement more eco-friendly measures, including "everything from weatherization to solar water heaters to new boilers."

By providing quick and easy access to energy efficient incentives like these, Mass Live reports that WMECO has allowed homeowners to get their houses to operate "at a higher level of energy efficiency than existed prior to the storm," giving these new residences reduced utility bills and diminished carbon emissions.

Massachusetts residents aren't the only ones who can reap the benefits of going green. If you live in Virginia and are looking to introduce more energy sustainability into your life, make an appointment for a home inspection.

Virginia home inspectors can conduct an energy audit of your property, assessing how your house currently uses or wastes its energy and providing measures you can take to resolve these kinds of issues. By living a more energy efficient lifestyle, you can yield some long-term savings on your utility expenses as well as reduce your carbon footprint.