Ohio career center gets generous donation to upgrade facilities

Thanks to generous donations of both time and money on the behalf of almost 100 Home Depot employees last month, the Struthers, Ohio AMVETS Post 44 Career Center was given an energy efficient renovation at no cost to to the veterans who use the building.

The center functions as a lifeline to unemployed citizens throughout the Struthers-Youngstown area of Ohio. Before the renovations, the inadequate facilities had been plagued with a myriad of structural problems which made day-to-day work hard for AMVETS volunteers and employees.

Volunteers spent an entire day working to make speedy and effective renovations to the converted church and an adjacent property. This included replacing vinyl siding, drywall and laminate flooring on both buildings, as well as turning the basement of the old church into a space to be used for education programs.

On top of structural upgrades to the building, the property was also given a complete landscaping overhaul using equipment given by Home Depot stores in Ohio and neighboring Pennsylvania.

"Even with the money, if we had had to find volunteers, it would have been a five-year rather than a one-day project. I kept them fed and hydrated. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you," said Post 44 Commandeer Jan Brown in a story printed in the Youngstown Vindicator.

Along with making the career center more habitable, the upgrades to the facility also increase the space's energy efficiency and the affordability of the building's monthly utility costs.

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