Grant program enacted to help West Virginians prepare their homes for winter

Winter is still more than a month away, but West Virginia has already felt the effects of a freak autumnal blizzard brought on last week by remnants of Hurricane Sandy. As a possible precursor to what residents of the state can expect this winter, the storm has prompted local officials to encourage homeowners to take precautions before more wild weather ravages the state.

One initiative that is now accepting applications is the Local Energy Efficiency Grant Program (LEEGP). This project allots funds to developments and renovations that will reduce utility costs for residents and businesses across the state.

The LEEGP is run through the West Virginia Division of Energy and specifically hopes to distribute funding to individual municipal governments that will help a wide swath of residents become more energy efficient.

Throughout the winter, home heating costs can get exorbitant for residents in older properties that have been poorly winterized. Through government funding, officials hope this new program will lessen the burden of utility payments when the temperatures drop.

The Division of Energy will be taking applications throughout the month with a deadline for November 30. In total, the program aims to distribute up to five grants with a maximum range of $10,000. The program is spearheaded by West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller, who has more information about obtaining funds for energy efficient upgrades on his official website.

For homeowners looking to learn what ways their property can be more environmentally friendly and efficient this winter, an energy audit from a home inspection contractor can help highlight the best plan of action before the change of the seasons.