New web series challenges families to mix energy-efficiency and design

It’s hard to turn on the TV without coming across the numerous reality television shows that seem to be present on each and every network. Fortunately, there are some programs that set out to make a positive change and Re-Energized by Design, a new web series, is one of them.

According to its website, Re-Energized by Design, presented by Puget Sound Energy (PSE), is a challenge that follows six contestants as they compete in five home makeover projects. The catch, however, is that each one must include energy-efficient technologies. For the laundry room, for example, the homeowners will be given a Frigidaire Affinity high-efficiency front-loading washer and dryer, LED bulbs and $500 in spending money. From that point forward, they’ll work with design coaches to re-do the space. Judges will evaluate them based on both energy-efficiency and beautiful design.

On January 24, PSE announced the six families that they have selected to participate in the competition. At the end of the series, the winner will take home $5,000.

“The stakes are high so we know the competition will be intense,” Dennis Rominger, a representative from PSE, said in a news release. “These six contestants are ready to compete head to head. Sweat will be shed, winners will be crowned and most importantly, we will see creative ways to bring great design and energy efficiency together.”

You don’t have to be part of a reality television show or a web series in order to make eco-friendly upgrades to your property. If you’re interested in implementing some of these solutions into your home, contact a home inspection contractor. They’ll perform an energy audit and help you determine how to get started.