Energy-efficient technologies can help boost the value of your home

In a recent article in EcoHome Magazine, Vernon McKown, co-owner and president of sales for Ideal Homes, a real estate company out of Norman, Oklahoma, explains why energy-efficiency can be a major selling point for builders constructing new properties or homeowners trying to sell them.

McKown told the source that in many cases, people are engaging in the wrong conversations, and often buyers don’t even realize the benefits of purchasing a home that contains green technologies. 

“When you talk to a customer about energy efficiency, you have to make it relevant to them,” McKown said. “We talk to them about saving $60 to $80 a month and ask ‘Are you interested in that?’ Most of them are.”

Not only can making energy-efficient upgrades to your home save you money on monthly utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint, but it can also boost the value of your property and make it more enticing to potential buyers when the time comes to sell.

When attempting to sell an energy-efficient home, McKown offers some helpful advice. While it’s certainly worthwhile to highlight these features, you’ll want to prepare a couple-minute overview of them so you don’t wind up taking up 10 minutes of a potential buyer’s time with this specific part of your home. If someone is interested in hearing more details, he or she will ask and you can provide them. Additionally, it is in your best interest to talk specifics when it comes to actual savings. If your utility bills were $75 less per month thanks to the green technologies present in your home, give people that exact figure. 

Maryland residents hoping to convert to a more energy-efficient lifestyle will be happy to hear that there are many rebates and incentives to take advantage of, including those available from Pepco and Potomac Edison. To get started, schedule an energy audit with a home inspection contractor, and they’ll help you determine the most effective ways that you can improve your property.