New PSAs aim to help Virginia residents reduce energy use

Virginians will begin to receive information about the ways to cut down on energy consumption, as state officials announced a new series of public service announcements (PSAs) that will air across all seven of the states television markets.

Produced by Virginia Energy Sense, a state-run advocacy program, the PSAs will inform residents of easy ways to increase energy efficiency.

"We know Virginians want to save money and conserve energy, it's just a matter of education and action," Andy Farmer, the Virginia Energy Sense program manager, said in a news release.

Some of the advice discussed in the PSAs include tips on replacing halogen lightbulbs to LED or CFL lightbulbs and reducing the amount of power consumed by appliances that are not in use.

Though the tips being offered are simple, they could help the state reach the goals set by Virginia Energy Sense to make the state less of a burden on the national energy grid. In 2008, the program was introduced by state officials with the goal of reducing Virginia's energy consumption by at least 10 percent before the year 2022.

The 2010 Virginia Energy Plan, produced by the state's Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, indicated that Virginia will need an additional 14,000 megawatts – the equivalent of 10 large power plants – of power over the next decade if current trends are not reversed.

Virginians looking to help make their state a leader in energy efficiency should seek the advice of professionals.To take the extra step, get an energy audit from a home inspection contractor who can offer detailed advice on how to conserve energy and save on electric bills in the long run.