Energy efficiency overhaul planned for Baltimore Convention Center

The Baltimore Convention Center (BCC) is taking energy efficiency to task by implementing a $10 million overhaul of its existing facility. The BCC hopes to save $18 million over the next 15 years through the power-saving upgrades.

Through an energy performance contract (EPC) with Constellation Energy, one of Maryland's largest energy providers, the project will aim to conserve 100 million gallons of water over the same period, along with efforts to offset 6,058 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.

“The Convention Center project is another step in our efforts to reduce Baltimore City government’s electric power use by 20 percent by 2015,” said Theodore Atwood, director of the Baltimore City Department of General Services in a press release.

Constellation plans to undertake numerous upgrades for the BCC, which will make it one of the most energy efficient convention centers in the country, according to a July 16 report from the Baltimore Sun.

The upgrades planned for the BCC include replacing current lighting fixtures with LED powered models, repairing  the existing HVAC system, improving weatherstripping on the structure and installing low-flow plumbing in the center's bathrooms. Constellation also intends to put in place a "cool roof" to reflect heat off of the building.

The BCC recently hosted the Affordable Comfort, Inc. (ACI) Home Performance Conference in March, which touted new technologies that are used  in making a house more environmentally friendly.

For Maryland residents looking to lessen their home's impact on the environment and do their part in helping the state reach its energy goals, seek an energy audit from a home inspector to learn more about power efficiency methods.