Nebraska homeowner constructs energy-efficient home and canine rescue shelter

It seems that homeowners across the United States have become increasingly more convinced that the benefits of an energy-efficient lifestyle outweigh the initial upfront costs. Dave Swett, an Omaha Public Power District employee residing 15 miles south of Columbus, Nebraska, is one of these individuals. 

According to the Columbus Telegram, Swett has taken it upon himself to create a zero net energy home that features a number of green technology solutions. He has invested in all Energy Star-certified appliances, LED bulbs and a mechanical ventilation system – just to name a few of the upgrades. And, now that he's done with his property, he's focusing his efforts on building an earth-friendly Great Dane rescue shelter large enough to house four to six canines and a handful of co-op veterinary students.

Although Swett admits that he put a lot of money into making his home energy efficient – noting that a standard house can be constructed for 8 to 10 percent less – he has no regrets about his decision and is confident that the long-term savings will be significant. 

"We built this house to show others it can be done, and that energy efficiency can leave an infinitely positive impact on our world," Swett told the source. "I am proud to live in an environment I have spent my career teaching customers about."

Thanks to the state of Maryland's multiple rebate offerings, including those available from Pepco and Potomac Edison, it may be easier and more cost-effective than you think to make green technology upgrades to your property. To get started, contact a home inspection contractor to request an energy audit. These experienced professionals can help you determine the best way to get started.