Mold exposure in Miami apartment building reportedly making elderly residents sick

The Haley Sofge Towers, a housing unit for elderly residents in Miami, isn't exactly providing its inhabitants with the relaxing Florida lifestyle they crave in their golden years. According to NBC 6, a South Florida publishing network, the building has a serious mold problem.

The source states that many of the tenants, a large percentage of whom are on fixed incomes and don't speak English, have been experiencing health problems as a result of constant exposure to the hazardous fungus. 

Efron Cotero, who has mold covering the walls of his unit, said that he developed respiratory problems after moving into the towers, noting that he's just one of hundreds of residents who has been sick. Additional occupants told the source that their breathing issues began when they started living in the county-owned building, and even had documentation from their doctors explaining the severity of their respiratory illnesses. 

The situation is so bad that NBC 6 took the tenants' grievances to Miami-Dade County Commissioner Bruno Barreiro, who issued a formal complaint to the county. 

"We've taken it to the administration level," said Barreiro. "There are a bunch of cases I've elaborated in the letter to the administration, the mayor, and asked them for transfers or to fix the units."

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), exposure to mold can cause mild to severe health problems, particularly for people who already suffer from asthma and allergies. No matter what, it's not good to be in its presence on a daily basis. To make sure your home or business isn't infested with this potentially dangerous fungus, contact a home inspection contractor to perform mold testing and help you determine if you're safe.