Energy-efficient ways to keep your home cool as the warm weather approaches

March is officially upon us, which means that winter is gradually coming to an end. Although summer is still a few months away, springtime in certain parts of the country can get quite hot. With this in mind, it's likely that many people will start thinking about taking out their air conditioners once again and preparing to keep their home cool as the temperature rises. So, while you still have some time to get ready for warm weather, you may want to figure out what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint while you're at it. 

You should consider these energy-saving tips for the spring and summer: 

Keep your windows covered – Closing the blinds and curtains during the day can ensure that your house stays cool. Although you'll probably still have to use a fan or air conditioner, you may not have to it on for as long to make your space comfortable. 

Landscape strategically – The trees in your yard provide natural shading, which shields your home from the sun's hot rays, so remember to consider how your foliage can work in your favor. 

Purchase a programmable thermostat – This investment is actually useful year round, since it allows you to keep the temperature on a reasonable setting when you're not inside your home. There's no use in having the air conditioner on when you're not there to enjoy it, after all. Some of these devices even allow you to control them from your laptop or smartphone, making them that much more convenient. 

There are a number of energy-efficient upgrades you can make to your home to save money and the environment. To get started, contact a home inspection contractor to request an energy audit today.