How to prepare 3 crucial rooms for home sale

The current home sale market is competitive and can be hard to break into if you're not completely prepared. Although the harsh winter delayed the beginning of the spring buying season, it also gave buyers more time to pinpoint exactly what they want and don't want in a home.

Ensure your next house has what it takes to get off the market quickly and efficiently. Keep these room tips in mind during staging:

  • The dining room: The dining room is not often considered a selling point but has become more important to buyers. Many factors can affect dining room appeal including the size of the table, decorations and cleanliness. A table should be as expanded as possible but not so much that it impedes moving around the room. In addition, keep the table clear. Setting the table with anything other than a simple flower arrangement can distract buyers.
  • The bedroom: Bedrooms should always appear as relaxing, serene rooms in the home. Don't let your bedroom become overridden by storage, clothes and excess furniture. In addition, keep bedding and pillows, as well as clutter, to a minimum. Stick to one color scheme to add style and conformity throughout the room.
  • The kitchen: A clean kitchen, especially the sink, is a huge factor for homebuyers. A dirty kitchen signifies a dirty home, even if it's actually very clean. Keep the counters clear of excess clutter, take all the pictures off the fridge and make sure your cabinets are organized.  Potential homebuyers cannot imagine themselves in your home if your presence is everywhere they look.

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