4 ways to make a good first home impression

How can you enhance the experience of homebuyers during an open house or private showing? A good, or bad, first impression is all it takes to set the stage for a possible sale. 

Selling your home doesn't have to be a difficult or stressful process, especially if you implement these four tips before your first open house.

  • Curb appeal: Mow the grass, paint the shutters and plant some trees. No, you don't have to go all out for the front of your home, but you should make sure it's presentable and nice to look at. The front of your home is the first thing buyers see and base many of their opinions on.
  • Fresh coat of paint: A new coat of paint, in any room or area of the home, can make a huge difference. Fresh paint brightens a room as well as ensures cleanliness of walls and surrounding areas.
  • Let the light in: Use natural light to your advantage. Sunshine always feels good and brightens up a room with no cost. 
  • Maintenance: According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), home sellers should focus on fundamental maintenance such as plumbing and electrical wiring. Homebuyers will often write off a home, despite renovations, if a roof is in shambles or the heating system isn't in working order.

Another recent NAR study concluded that homeowners reap about 80 percent back of what they put into a home when it comes to window and roof replacement.

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