Governor Terry McAuliffe establishes Virginia Energy Council

Earlier this week, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) signed a new executive order that highlighted just how important the future of the state's environment is to him and his administration. By signing Executive Order #16 on Wednesday, June 4, the governor created the Virginia Energy Council, a new group that will advise him on all matters relating to the state's overall power consumption.

The Virginia Energy Council has been tasked with the responsibility of developing and implementing a comprehensive and aggressive energy plan for the entire state. The organization will deliver recommendations through the Virginia Energy Plan, which is to be submitted to the state's General Assembly for debate by October 1, 2014. The group will be chaired by Maurice Jones, Virginia's Secretary of Commerce and Trade.

"Virginia must develop an aggressive strategy to protect existing jobs in our energy industries while positioning the Commonwealth to be a leader in new energy technologies. An innovative energy strategy will enable us to attract the best businesses and entrepreneurs to Virginia, create more jobs in growing industries, and lead a 21st century Virginia economy," Governor McAuliffe said in a press release after signing the executive order.

The size of the council has yet to be determined, although insiders expect that it will be no more than 20 to 25 members. In order to remain eco-friendly and economically viable, Governor McAuliffe believes that Virginia is going to need to develop a wide array of energy-efficient technologies, including both solar and wind power. The energy industry is a major part of the health of Virginia's economy.

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