Energy efficient upgrades to your home can help you save money this summer

Now that spring is underway, it's the perfect time for homeowners to start thinking about how they can make their properties more energy efficient. With hot summer days fast approaching in many parts of the country, air conditioning is a must-have. But, often these appliances can be quite wasteful and cost people more money than they should.

According to an April 16 article from KLAS-TV, a Las Vegas media outlet, Better Building Performance – a general contractor that specializes in home and small commercial performance renovations – conducted an energy audit on one 1,500-square-foot property and was able to determine how to make it more sustainable for the warm weather. 

"This was a very tired, sad foreclosed home. It was very much what we call an energy hog," Better Building Performance's Annette Bubak told the source. "Sixty seven percent of the air through the duct system was going into the attic. We were able to perform an energy audit to do a diagnosis on the home, which tells us what it would do for the home in the way of efficiency."

By re-engineering and downsizing the air conditioner and implementing foam insulation in the attic and roof line, the company was able to drastically reduce the overall temperature in the house as well as the occupant's monthly utility bills. 

If you're interested in making eco-friendly upgrades to your property to prepare for the warm weather, it may actually be more affordable than you think – and the long-term savings almost always make it worthwhile. To get started, contact a home inspection contractor to request an energy audit. These professionals can help you identify the best solutions for your house.