Arizona homeowner discusses value of home inspection

An April 13 article in the East Valley Tribune, an Arizona news publication, focuses on one local property owner's positive experience with home inspection contractors.

According to the source, Kris Johnson's 2,900-square-foot residence left a lot to be desired. Built in 1974, it featured a constantly breaking air conditioner and an upstairs bedroom that was too hot to be occupied.

Johnson knew something had to be done, so she invested in a home inspection, during which the contractor spent three hours examining her property and recommending improvements that could save her up to 34 percent on her monthly utility bills.

The experience was invaluable for Johnson, as it provided her with the education and information she needed to fix up her home when problems arose.

"When a repair became necessary, we attacked it with knowledge as opposed to being ignorant," Johnson told the source, noting that when her air conditioner broke for good, she knew what options were available to her. "We got bids and ended up going with the company that did the home inspection. They knew exactly what we needed and were honest."

Thanks to the upgrades she has made to her property – newly sealed ducts, shade screens on upstairs windows and two new air conditioners – Johnson said she has saved $100 per month on her utility bills compared to last year.

If you're interested in making eco-friendly upgrades to your property, it may actually be more affordable than you think – and the long-term savings almost always make it worthwhile. To get started, contact a home inspection contractor to request an energy audit. These professionals can help you identify the best solutions for your house.