Energy efficiency an increasing concern for home buyers

If you are in the market for a new home, there are certain features that you will be on the lookout for – size, yard space, location – but, according to some real estate professionals, energy efficiency also is becoming increasingly important. Those looking to buy a new residence are always on the lookout for ways to save money, and eco-friendly features have become one of the more popular trends on that front.

Real estate professional Linda Connolly of Connecticut knows personally how important energy efficiency is becoming for those who are looking to buy a home. After being in the business for nearly two decades, she talked to The News Times, a local publication, about why this green trend has become so popular in recent years. The main reason, she says, is so that people can save money on their monthly utility bills.

Connolly tells the source that most people looking for a new home would see this green technology – solar panels, geothermal arrays – as a long-term value for the residence. Homeowners who are looking to put their places on the market should advertise their houses as efficient whenever possible in order to attract more potential buyers.

"It could be a selling point for some people. They might be able to get more for their home if they advertise it as a green home," Connolly told The News Times. Those who are thinking about putting their homes on the market should consider having green upgrades made to the space.

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