Clean energy gaining national traction

For the fifth consecutive year, California tops all others as the greenest state in the union according to the Clean Edge 2014 U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index. Though the Golden State's honor is certainly not to be overlooked, especially with its energy efficiency being so effective that it soars 14 points above its closet challenger, the results of the index also indicate that clean technology, shifting climate policies and green finance are becoming more widely accepted staples of mainstream America's economy.  

The sales of electric vehicles tripled in 2013 to nearly 50,000 purchases, 14 states have over 500 LEED-certified green buildings and 11 states now generate more than 10 percent of their power from non-hydro renewable sources of energy. 

"Climate disruption and the growing availability of market-competitive clean-energy technologies are driving many states and cities to tackle climate issues head-on," Clean Edge founder and managing director Ron Pernick said in response to the index's findings. 

Massachusetts' score of 79.4 points, 12 points higher than its closest challenger, won second place in the index, a result largely owed to the state's ranking first in the country in both policy and capital investment per capita, its glut of academic and venture capital resources and its electric vehicle incentives. Oregon, Colorado, and New York rounded off the index's top five with the help of various energy efficiency initiatives regarding broad renewable energy interventions and strong clean-tech startup cultures. 

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