Detroit public schools to become more energy efficient

The Detroit public school system is going to become more energy efficient, thanks to funding that is part of a new initiative. The school district recently decided to spend $150,000 to make various improvements to the city's schools, with the intent of reducing overall energy consumption and saving money over the long term.

The money will be used to install LED bulbs, as well as replacing all old boilers with new, digitally controlled equipment. This new equipment will not only allow the schools to look more modern, they will also save energy and reduce total power usage. The school district says 10 schools are going to be given this new technology over the course of 2014.

The goal of the project to enhance the learning environment of these public schools for the children. The LED lights will be brighter than the current incandescent models, and the other new equipment will allow faculty and staff to more easily control temperature and air quality. The district is eligible for nearly $2 million in tax credits and energy rebates from the federal government.

This new initiative was announced on Monday, April 14, as a part of the district's second annual "Green Weeks" awareness program. This program is set to run from this Monday through April 25, with the district providing educational programs for students and citizens interested in participating.

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