Be savvy about your home inspection

A quality home inspection is an invaluable investment that looks to spare you the unseen, and often significant, costs that can crop up only after you've taken the leap of purchasing a home. These can include issues such as mold, weak insulation and poor drainage — problems that you may not notice until you've already begun living in your new house. 

In the interest of alleviating some of the stress that may come with having an inspection done, and equipping you with a few tools to help verify that your inspector is a competent one, here are a few questions you can ask during an inspection to make sure that you're getting your money's worth: 

Are those gaps I see around the doors? – Uneven spaces and crevices in between a door and its frame are tiny details that may indicate a shifting foundation. 

Is the wiring overworked? – Wiring for a home is like the fuel injection system for a car. Just as you wouldn't put diesel in your sedan when it runs on unleaded, the wiring  in older houses  isn't always equipped to match up with the power demands of modern appliances like hair dryers or flat-screen televisions. Flickering lights and tripped circuits may signal a need to have an electrician reconfigure your potential home's power capabilities before bigger problems arrive. 

Why does this toilet shake? – A seemingly small hiccup in your bathroom's structure can lead to major water damage. An unsteady toilet can eventually crack the wax ring at its base and lead to water leakage with every flush, eventually rotting your floor. 

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