3 creative ways to use solar energy

As energy efficiency grows in popularity across the nation, so do the debates on how green energy ought to be utilized. But while some solar power initiatives are still waiting on politicians, this renewable energy source is still widely available and applicable for every day use, even for people who either don't want to or just can't afford to slather their roofs with shimmering solar panels. 

Here are three less obvious ways of going solar in your home: 

Purchase a solar water heater: While these appliances can be carry a larger price tag upfront, they end up being cost-effective in the long run as you use only the sun and the glass panels on the device to generate the hot water you need . 

Try solar oven cooking: Through a combination of glass and reflective materials used to collect and trap the heat, solar ovens have the ability to cook food at up to 350 degrees without the use of fuel.  There are several versions of these appliances, fit for both outside and inside culinary fun. But a setback to be aware of is that some solar ovens need more time to warm up than conventional models.

Use Thermal Storage Tubes: These appliances are traditionally used in greenhouses and gardens but can also serve as a creative way to heat a room or open space in your home. If it fits within your budget, converting one of these devices to fit comfortably in almost any living space is a very doable procedure. 

With their promise of cheaper utility bills and a reduce environmental footprint, home energy efficiency remains a top priority for many homeowners. If you live in the Maryland area and are looking to have an energy audit evaluate your own power consumption needs, or to learn what adjustments you can make for a greener lifestyle, simply schedule an appointment with leading home inspection company Alban Inspections!