Apple aims to make its new plant energy efficient

Last week, technology giant Apple announced its plans to open a new plant in Arizona, a facility with the sole function of producing sapphire – a stronger material – for its electronic devices. This week, the company publicly stated that the factor is going to operate on 100 percent renewable energy, beginning on day one.

By making the artificial sapphire, which will be used in iPads and iPhones, the Arizona Apple plant is going to be consuming massive amounts of energy, as reports have stated that the workers will have to use a particle accelerator to cut into glass. Apple reportedly worked with local power company, Salt River Project, on how the facility can be environmentally-sustainable.

Local Arizona newspapers are saying that new solar and geothermal applications are going to be built as power sources for the factory. The Salt River Project has even agreed to purchase 75 megawatts of energy from various renewable sources, though it is unclear what percentage of that will be used to power Apple. This is in addition to the 700 megawatts of power the Salt River Project has already bought, as they anticipate a substantial amount of energy to be used by the sapphire-producing plant.

This is the latest step in Apple's commitment to the environment. They have worked with groups across the country to ensure that their individual stores have as little impact on the environment as possible.

While Apple is making strides in improving its energy efficiency, there is plenty you can be doing to reduce your own energy consumption. To find out how you can make your own home more sustainable, schedule an energy audit with Alban Inspections today!