A timeline of more crucial home repairs

Yesterday, we shared with you a brief timeline of some of the most essential home repairs that should be addressed and resolved within the first six months of buying a new month. While following this checklist is crucial to avoiding potentially damaging and costly headaches in the future, it's far from an exhaustive list nor do we want to give you the impression that the time frame for repair vigilance should end after six months.

In order to supplement yesterday's list, again, courtesy of CBS Moneywatch, here is an extended timeline of other would-be problems that homeowners should try to get ahead of:

  • At least once a year: Schedule an appointment for a home inspection to have someone check out your roof, looking for anything from missing shingles (which can be torn off during inclement weather) or gaps in the roofing around chimneys, which are prime opportunities for animals like small birds and mice to sneak into your fireplace. Also be on the lookout for water spots that may be forming on the ceiling inside. If you see one, it's not necessarily cause for alarm, as more minor leaks will dry up on their own. Monitor the spot's progress and only act if you notice it's getting larger.
  • At least once every two years: For homeowners with sewer lines, make sure you hire a qualified plumber to clean it out, search for broken pipes, patch up flood risks and clear out any roots growing through the sewer line. Also have your HVAC system checked, as a broken hot water heater could pour out 40 gallons of water in just a matter of hours.

The best way Maryland residents can stay vigilant about major home repairs is to meet with local Maryland home inspectors, who can help identify potential issues before they become real trouble.