A timeline of essential home repairs

If you have just recently bought your own house – particularly if it's your first one – congratulations! Not only is homeownership an important milestone in and of itself, but it's also an impressive achievement in this seller's market. Unfortunately, just because you've bought the house doesn't mean the job is over yet. A crucial element of homeownership is maintaining consistent upkeep every so often – a particular necessity in that one issue or another will inevitably pop up once every few months or so.

"I tell my new homeowner customers that you're going to find problems every season for a few years," Chicago handyman Rich Escallier told CBS Moneywatch. "If you can go six months without finding something that raises your blood pressure, you're lucky."

Fortunately, CBS Moneywatch has put together a helpful timeline of potential issues and essential repairs that may arise in the first months and years of owning a home:

  • When you first move in: Run all of the home's major appliances through a complete cycle, to ensure everything is properly connected and set up. Issues like a defective, leaking dishwasher can go unnoticed for a long time and cause significant damage to the house if not tended to.
  • The first 45 days: Clean out your air vents and change your HVAC filter.
  • The first six months: Check out the exterior of the home to ensure all rainwater is draining correctly. Make sure all gutters and downspouts are free of any leaves, dirt and other items that may cause clogging. Check your pipes every winter to make sure they are insulated, in order to prevent freezing.

Maryland homeowners can always meet with local Maryland home inspectors in order to thoroughly vet that the property is safe and well-maintained. Don't allow potential troubles in your new house to go unresolved. Make an appointment for a home inspection today!