6 life hacks for easy home improvement

Have you ever thought about a home improvement project you wanted to take care of, then thought about how many new tools and components you would have to buy in order to do it? Sometimes home improvement can be costly and complicated, but there are also a lot of things you can get done with relatively simple materials in just a few minutes. Before you DIY, check out this small sample of life hacks that could make your project easier:

  • Don't let it slip: Have a slippery area rug that's driving you crazy? Try applying caulk in several strips along the underside to increase the friction against the floor.
  • Fill wall holes with toothpaste: Toothpaste is sticky, malleable and never goes bad, so it makes a perfect replacement for spackle when filling in holes from old wall hangings. Just make sure to paint over it afterwards.
  • Measure with a dollar: A dollar is about six inches long, so for rough measurements, use it as the equivalent of half of a ruler.
  • Use a magnet, not your mouth: Attaching a magnet to the bottom of your hammer will keep you from having to perform that potentially painful dance of keeping nails in your mouth while they wait to be used.
  • Use a trap for a clamp: If you're looking for something to hold a small piece of wood to a table, a mousetrap makes a good replacement for a woodworking clamp.
  • Vegetable oil cleans paint off hands: Most soaps won't remove paint from your hands, but a simple dollop of vegetable oil that you can find in the supermarket will.

If you're embarking on a home improvement campaign, schedule a home inspection with Alban to be sure your home is in good shape and find out what you can fix.