5 ways to get the most money for your property

According to the Christian Science Monitor, changes in mortgage loan products as well as an increase in employment opportunities and homes to buy are making 2015 the best time to own a home since 2008. Many believe 2015 is actually the year of the housing market.

What does this mean for sellers? Keep these five tips in mind to get the most money for your property when the time comes to put the for sale sign out front.

  • Consider renovations: Many homebuyers expect their options to come with the most recent renovations and changes. If your kitchen and living room seem to be lacking, ask for guidance from a trusted realtor or friend on what should be changed. 
  • Keep staging in mind: How you present your home to potential buyers is extremely important. Ensure the space of the room is used wisely, and that the room appears both open and inviting for potential buyers. Be sure to also get rid of any clutter or unneeded items as these too can take away from the ambiance. 
  • Make sure the house is in pristine condition: If the house isn't clean, don't show it to potential buyers. Be sure to clean behind appliances, furniture and other similar areas as buyers do move things around while you're gone. Keep the closets in mind as well, as these are often an important selling point.
  • Online advertising: List your home online for a bigger turnout at an open house. Online sources give buyers access to your home that may be farther away than a usual purchasing crowd. 
  • Obtain a comparative list of houses nearby: List your house competitively, but correctly, by looking at other recent listings in your neighborhood.

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