5 things homebuyers should look for before making a purchase

Buying your first home can be a daunting experience. With a large housing market and so much to choose from, the possibilities for purchase are endless. Before you make a final decision, create a checklist filled with features, locations, add-ons and any other desires. For a start, keep these five tips in mind. 

  • Choose a mortgage that works for you: Before starting your home search, choose a mortgage that you know will work for your budget. Having a plan going into a purchase will make your purchasing point stronger. Deciding on a mortgage also indicates a sense of what you can really afford.
  • Conduct a home inspection: Never buy a home without first conducting a home inspection. Even if everything seems picture perfect, issues with the insulation, roofing or foundation can be hiding just out of sight. Contact a professional, such as Alban Inspections for a reliable, expert home inspection.
  • Find out the exact location of boundary lines: Before purchasing a home, understand exactly where your boundary lines are. This is critical for future building opportunities as well as maintaining a good relationship with your neighbors. 
  • Know how much you can really afford: If a home isn't in your price range, don't look at it. Although it is a good idea to shop around, stretching your budget beyond your means is never a great idea, especially when the first few monthly payments roll in.
  • Love the landscape: The backyard or front yard may not seem like a selling point, but it will be if the grass doesn't grow or there is no curb appeal at all. Take a good look at the landscape before making any decisions.

For more realtor tips or to schedule an audit with a home inspection company, contact Alban Inspections