5 signs of mold in your home

Before closing the deal on your dream home, make sure you inspect it thoroughly. Though you may believe you can see every problem a house may hold, home inspections should be left to professionals that understand exactly what to look for and where to look for it. One large problem for home buyers, especially through these past winter months, is mold damage.

Mold can thrive in any outdoor or indoor environment that is damp, warm or humid. 

A certified inspector, such as an Alban associate, will be able to recognize the clues that could point to mold. Keep these five signs in mind during your next home showing or inspector experience: 

Leaking drains, plumbing defects or unmanaged HVAC systems: Leaking water or an unkempt HVAC system could create a mold buildup now or in the future.

Musty odor in home: A musty, mildew smell, especially in concrete basements or areas with rugs can be a sign of mold hidden out of sight.

Recent allergy symptoms in family members: Mold can cause allergy-like symptoms including dry coughing, watery eyes and nasal congestion. If you or a family member has recently come down with any of these, mold may be to blame.

Recently built or finished home: Homes are being built in a "tighter" more energy efficient fashion. Air flow becomes restricted allowing moisture to build up without being able to dry out. 

Visible mold on walls, under sinks or in water-prone areas: Clearly, actually seeing mold in your home means you have a problem. If you see mold in one area of your house, check your whole house to ensure it hasn't spread.

At Alban we have a three-step approach to mold inspection and prevention. If a mold problem persists in your home visit our website or call 301-662-6565