5 home sale mistakes to avoid

Selling a home can be an exhausting, tedious process. Between closing costs, looking for a new home to live in and getting your old home ready for showings, your plate tends to fill up fast. Keep the selling as stress-free as possible by avoiding the following five costly home selling mistakes you could be making right now.

  • Adding little to no curb appeal: The appearance of your home oftentimes matters the most when it comes to selling it. Clean both the inside and the outside of the home. Get rid of clutter and add noticeable but subtle changes that can fit the taste of any possible homeowner. In addition, take care of the outside of the home by planting flowers, clearing the walkway and having a welcoming front of the house.
  • Hiring the first agent you meet: Ask friends and family for agent recommendations. Selling a home is one of the largest monetary transactions a person can make in his or her lifetime. Entrust your money and time to someone that is experienced and genuinely invested in your outcome. 
  • Neglecting to sell on all forums: Selling a home entails more than just posting a "for sale" sign in the front yard. Post your home online, on social media forums and in the local paper.  Let your friends and family know you're moving and have them spread the word to their friends who are searching for a new place.
  • Not googling your home: Run an internet search of your home. Check what price other homes in the neighborhood have sold for. Make sure no negative results appear, especially older information that doesn't detail new adjustments and changes you may have made. If this happens, list renovations in the selling ad.
  • Overpricing your listing: List your price for its real value. An overpriced number will only keep buyers away.

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