4 tips for preparing your lawn for spring [Video]

Even though Old Man Winter maintains his icy grip across the much of the country, spring isn’t too far away! And it’s never too early to begin getting your lawn ready for the new season. We’ve compiled a list of four helpful tips for getting your lawn looking it’s very best for the warmer weather ahead:

Make the most of that mid-winter thaw by getting out there and raking your lawn and removing any dead leaves and other debris that you can find. Raking can also help stimulate the grass and begin the post-winter growing process.

Start spreading fertilizer on your grass, which can help your grass to begin growing again. Just be sure to wait until the snow and ice thaw! It can also help to use pre-emergent, which stops the growth of crabgrass.

Take a close look at your trees and see if you can see any dead branches. If you do observe dead branches, consider starting the trimming process, ideally with the help of a professional. Dead branches can pose a threat to your safety and property, so it is important to take action before the leaves start growing again.

The best way to deal with weeds is to take steps to stop them from growing in the first place! Spread herbicides around after the final winter thaw and remove any weeds that you already see growing.

Thanks for watching! Enjoy gardening!