“Zero Home” is first completely energy-efficient house

Energy efficiency across the United States has been growing by leaps and bounds thanks to both new advancements in green technology and public awareness campaigns spearheaded by the White House. As knowledge on the subject spreads, and homeowners learn about the long-term financial and environmental benefits of going green, new developments in sustainable living will help make completely eco-friendly lifestyles more realistic and feasible. The greatest evidence of this is the recently constructed "Zero Home" in Salt Lake City.

As TechHive, a technology news source, reports, the Zero Home is the first residence in the United States that offers absolute energy-efficient living. This 4,300-square-foot "smart house" runs entirely off its own power, generated onsite by renewable fuel sources. Consequently, the building has a total net-zero energy yield – hence its nickname – and also earned a perfect zero score on the Home Efficiency Rating System.

Located in the Salt Lake suburb of Herriman, this dwelling was designed by home-security company Vivint and residential developer Garbett Homes. The two partners collaborated on the design for functionality in the coldest areas of the Beehive State. Utah is considered a Climate Zone 5, meaning it experiences warm summers and cold winters, which makes the Zero Home's efficient power usage doubly impressive.

According to their website, the developers used solar technologies, advanced framing techniques, sophisticated insulation and air sealing to regulate the flow of air and moisture in the building, helping to keep heating and electricity bills as low as possible.

"By retaining its own heat, the house uses less and wastes less energy," the designers wrote.

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