Wilmington, NC offers energy efficiency program to low-income residents

Duke Energy Progress, an energy supply company in the Carolinas and Florida, is offering low-income residents a chance to save money on their monthly bills. At the end of next week they will be holding a workshop for residents in the Wilmington area that have qualified for an energy makeover. Those who meet the standards have already been notified through the mail.

The company will, for no charge, go into the houses of the participants and conduct a complete energy assessment to determine the places within the home that need to be upgraded or changed to be more energy efficient. The customers who participate in this program will have the opportunity to have 16 energy-saving measures installed in their places of residence by Duke Energy at no cost. These installation options include insulation for water pipes, low-flow faucets and shower heads and an HVAC winterization kit.

The program, known as Neighborhood Energy Saver, has helped over 17,000 low-income residents in North and South Carolina save money on their energy bills since its inception in 2009. The goal of the company is to not only install these cost-saving measures in people's houses, but to also educate them on how their actions can make their houses more efficient and less expensive on a practical level.

Duke Energy funds this initiative through small monthly charges on its customer's bills. These additional fees allow the company to recover the costs of the materials it installs, while not having to charge the low-income residents it seeks to assist.

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