When should you get a home inspection?

Having your home inspected at the right times is a critical part of homeownership and the care of your property. A well-timed inspection can save you money on repairs, give you confidence about your choice to buy a property, or increase your chances of a smooth home sale. Here are three times it's absolutely necessary to call in a professional home inspector:

  • Before buying the home. You wouldn't buy a car without popping the hood and taking it for a test drive, and you shouldn't agree to buy a house until you've had it professionally inspected and know exactly what problems you might be facing once you move in. In many states, you are allowed by law to have the home inspected and to take back your deposit if the seller doesn't want to allow the inspection. For most people, their home is the most expensive purchase they will make in their lives, and the cost of a home inspection is minimal compared to the potential cost of repairs.
  • Before selling the home. If buyers discover problems in your home during their own inspection that you haven't alerted them to, they may lose trust in you and cancel the sale. In order to be an informed seller, have the home inspected for yourself first so that you can point out any deficiencies it may have to buyers far ahead of time. 
  • If you have a crawl space, every two years. Crawl spaces are especially prone to problems like flooding and animal infestation that can wreak havoc on the rest of the home. If your home includes a crawl space, it's a good idea to have it checked regularly.

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