When selling a house, beat the home inspector to the punch

Spring and summer are notoriously the busiest seasons for home sales, and before any wise buyer signs the lease on a new property, they'll probably hire a home inspection contractor to come make sure that this investment is a wise one. In many cases, the home inspection can make or break a sales process, as these professionals are trained to uncover issues – no matter how minor – that could turn a buyer off to the property. However, to make the potential list of deficiencies uncovered during an inspection shorter, homeowners can be proactive about addressing the obvious problems that are most common in most homes before the inspector comes to check it out.

For examples, the water heater in a house should always be placed at least 18 inches off the ground, but many homeowners don't bother because the weight and shape of this device makes installation more difficult at such heights. The home inspector will be sure to point this out, so measure the space between your heater and the ground before showing your home.

Another easy fix is closing off needlessly exposed wiring. In many areas of your house, wires will be left uncovered because of home improvement projects that weren't properly completed. Simply cover up your tracks, and this is one less check on the home inspector's list.

Always be proactive, and make sure to contact a home inspection contractor before your buyer does to guarantee you get the asking price you desire when selling your home.