What should realtors do when preparing a home for sale?

When it comes to selling a house, there are many factors realtors must keep in mind to ensure sellers get the most bang for their buck and buyers are satisfied with their overall purchase.

When preparing for a home sale or initial walkthrough, there are a few steps realtors should take. These include:

  • Attracting buyers with curb appeal: Curb appeal is one of the most important aspects of a home sale. The outside of the home is what first attracts buyers to home showings, and as such, it should be as inviting as possible. Keep walkways clear, exterior paint up to date and any decorations to a minimum. Allow potential buyers to see the space as their own from the beginning. 
  • Showcasing the best aspects of the space: Does the home come with an in-ground pool? How about a newly furnished stainless steel kitchen? Buyers want to see the best qualities of the home, which often helps push the selling point. Before a home is listed or a walkthrough begins, be sure to have a list of important parts of the home to see before it ends.
  • Stressing the importance of cleanliness: This may seem obvious, but ensuring the home is as clean as possible is imperative for a smooth sale process. Buyers like to envision themselves in the home, and often can't do so if closets are full to the brim or counters are cluttered with different things. By decluttering the home and investing in organization, buyers will have an easier time seeing the home as theirs.

Before listing your home, consider scheduling an energy audit to determine the efficiency of your home as another great selling point! For more realtor tips or energy information, visit our website