Ways to reduce your home’s energy consumption

Even though it is almost spring, it does not feel that way for many parts of the country. An especially harsh winter is now stretching into the middle of March, with fresh layers of snow erasing anybody's hopes of warmer weather. This winter has also seen record-setting low temperatures – particularly in the Midwest and East Coast – which has caused the energy bills of many homeowners to increase over the last few months. Heating has become expensive, and spring will only offer a short break before more money is spent to keep a house cool. Consequently, homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to increase their home's energy efficiency and reduce those costly utility bills.

Here are a couple important ways to help reduce the energy consumption of your house:

  • Get an energy audit: Have professionals – such as Alban Inspections – come into your home and identify all of the problem areas where energy is being wasted. They will be able to point out all of the different steps that can be taken to ensure power is consumed wisely. This should be done at times, like during the winter, where consumption is at its highest.
  • Seal everything: One of the biggest changes you can make to your house is actually pretty small. Check all of your windows and doors to see if there are any places where the air leaks and then seal around where this is the case. This can help prevent warm or cool air from leaving the house, having your HVAC generate further and unnecessary amounts of energy to compensate.

If you are interested in improving household energy efficiency, schedule an appointment with Alban Inspections today. As a leading home inspection company, we will help you determine where you can be using power more wisely.