Ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home

Many areas of the United States – particularly the Midwest and East Coast – have suffered particularly brutal weather patterns over the past few months. The extreme weather conditions have left thousands without power, sometimes for days on end, and sent the cost of energy skyrocketing. It is becoming more and more expensive for people to keep their homes comfortable, with monthly utility bills becoming unsustainable for families across the country.

There are steps a homeowner can take to ensure their houses are prepared for what the weather has in store. To avoid high energy costs and minimize energy losses, here are a couple upgrades that can be made to your home:

  • Added insulation: While all homes are built with insulation, sometimes the original amount is not adequate enough. To prevent your warm air from seeping out into the cold, you can buy insulation and add it to the walls yourself. This is especially useful if you live in an older house, which were built with less insulation than homes built today.
  • New windows: Having windows that are improperly insulated is the biggest waste of a home's energy. Counteract this problem by having new windows installed, after determining what style will look best for your space and where to improve your home's energy efficiency.

If you need help determining what steps you should take to improve the energy efficiency of your home, contact Alban Inspections today. As a home inspection company, we can give your home an energy audit and determine the areas that could be improved. Our team of highly-trained professionals will allow you to reduce your energy consumption.