Virginians get tax holiday on green appliances

Over the course of this week, Virginians have the opportunity to make their homes more energy efficient by taking advantage of a statewide tax holiday on Energy Star and WaterSense appliances.

In an attempt to help residents decrease their utility costs, the Department of Taxation has allowed appliances with an environmentally friendly rating that cost less than $2,500 to be purchased tax-free.

A complete list of which items specifically qualify for the exemption is available on the Department of Taxation website. Items on the list include dishwashers, heat pumps, toilets and weather-proofing insulation.

These purchases will only apply to appliances purchased for residential use, and are expected to pay for themselves over the course of several years.

Virginia holds several tax-free holidays throughout the year that are related to different seasonal products. At the end of August, buyers of back-to-school supplies can benefit from the exemption, and the sales tax is removed on hurricane-preparedness items for a week in early May.

The state has been holding its fall holiday for the past six years in an attempt to get residents prepared for winter, when utility bills tend to peak for homeowners. By making the investment into appliance overhauls now, state officials estimate that these items will pay for themselves through energy savings in just a few years time.

For homeowners in Virginia trying to decide what purchases they should make when taking advantage of the holiday, a home inspection contractor can conduct an energy audit on the property to help owners decide.